Access to Talent for MENA’s Entrepreneurs

ENP and Southern Mediterranean: Youth as the Key Element for Stability in North Africa Entrepreneurs can play a critical role in creating jobs in MENA. In seeking solutions to this challenge, governments and private sector institutions are pointing to entrepreneurship as a way to create jobs, spur innovation and diversify resource dependency.  Recently, the region has witnessed an upswing in the establishment of institutions supporting entrepreneurship. In the past ears alone, Jordan established more entrepreneurship supporting institutionst han it has in the past decade. In the period between 2000-2010, the number of entities created to support entrepreneurs in Jordan was 10, and between 2010-2014, was 14. Similarly, in the UAE, the number of institutions created post 2010 is more than double those established between 2000 and 2010.

Teeb Assaf, Habib Haddad, Jamil Wyne, and Katerina Soueid

The Wamda Research Lab (WRL),, Beirut Digital District (BDD), International Finance Corporation (IFC)

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